Cloud for Me was founded by Mark Lilleyman to meet the demand for affordable, effortless, remote working for small and micro-businesses.

Our ‘mother company’ is TechDivision, a multi-award-winning business based in South-West London, established in 2007.

Mark enjoys looking at technology from a business strategy perspective. Often, micro-businesses can use their IT setup to punch way above their weight and compete very well with the corporates. He like the idea of taking the tricks that corporates use, adapting them and applying them to small business

Welcome to Cloud For Me

We provide fast, affordable & secure cloud computing services to micro-enterprises all over the world.

We’ve found that most of our core clients (those with under 10 users) have difficulty finding support specifically tailored to their type of business and remote working needs.

For instance, many find Remote Desktop software fees extremely unpalatable, and in any case, are running broadband connections just not designed for multiple remote users. Micro-businesses can’t afford leased lines, or time spent re-training employees to use new remote access systems.

How much time are you willing to spend re-training an employee who does your books for 8 hours a month?

So we came up with bespoke services for small and micro businesses and are rolling them out worldwide. There’s no reason Australia / Canada / South Africa can’t enjoy the same benefits as our UK clients. And if you want to retain talent long-term, you’ll need to be able to offer remote working.

Watch this space – we’ll be bringing more innovations to our target market as things develop. If you’ve got less than 10 employees, we’re your dedicated IT partner (although we’ll support up to 30 users if you grow).

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Our typical user base is 6 people, and we operate purely as a B2B, staying away from the consumer market, providing services from solo entrepreneurs up to 30 user networks, globally.

We will never move ‘up the chain’ to service larger companies – we exist to service Micro-enterprises.


Cloud for Me is a new idea formed in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic.  It is an offshoot of an established company, TechDivision, which has been around since 2007 serving the IT needs of Small and Micro-enterprises.


We’ve launched with 3 basic services that we feel would most appeal to our customer base:  Virtual Drive, Virtual Desktop, and Remote Support.  

Our long-term vision is to scour the Internet for (or design ourselves) cloud-based services that best suit our target market. 

Effortlessly enable cloud working

From professional business to micro-enterprise, we've got you covered!

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