Cloud Computing Services for Small Business

Effortlessly enable remote shared working

Cloud storage that performs like a hard drive


Cloud Storage for Small Business

We can help - we're the small business Cloud storage experts

Let us set you up with a shared, secure workspace that your staff and contractors can work from – wherever they are in the world. Host video conferences, share files, run centralised e-mail systems, even run remote servers and virtual desktops.

All implemented for you without hassle, and supported by friendly, reliable, knowledge people, should you need it.

Run the world from your 'Shedquarters'

The world has changed. Entrepreneurs need to work smarter, with lower overheads, from their own homes, garden sheds, spare rooms, desk under the stairs. We can give you what you need to bring your team together while minimising your overheads.

Virtual Drive

Seamless Cloud connection performs as a hard drive




With our advanced Virtual Drive your Cloud storage performs just like a network drive.

No software download needed.
No sync errors.
No space depleted on your computer.

Virtual Desktop

Log on regardless of location or device




  • Windows desktop in the Cloud accessible by employees from Mac, PC, tablet or mobile.
Data stored securely in the Cloud. No new devices needed, use existing. Inexpensive remote working setup.
remote support

Remote Support

Friendly, reliable, knowledgeable care




  • We install and configure your team’s Virtual Drive & Virtual Desktop setup with no hassle.

  • Concentrate on your business.
    Accessible remote support.
    Fast, friendly, expert help.
    Fixed cost provides peace of mind.

In this new post-Covid 19 world

You need to build yourself a virtual workforce. You need video-conferencing, remote workers, VPN dialup, shared workspaces.

At Cloud for Me

We have many years of experience in building businesses that need to work virtually. Our average network size is 6 users, so we concentrate on the needs of the Micro Enterprise.

CloudForMe concentrate purely on cloud-based solutions, but still for our core market – small and micro businesses.

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Virtual Drives
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Happy Remote Workers
Years in Business

Why use CloudForMe?

If you have less than 10 users, we want to be the de-facto support provider for your Cloud Computing needs.
Everything we do (and anything we do in future) is targeted to that market.

Maximum Performance

Provide the very best performance for your business in unstable times. Used successfully by over 75 micro-businesses just like yours.

Managed Service

We have been providing IT Support services to small businesses since 2007. Let us take the hassle out of your IT admin.


All cloud based services are password protected and encrypted for your protection.

Online Security

We don’t use discount cloud providers. Your business will enjoy secure cloud services provided by Microsoft and Amazon.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

All our servers will be up and running whenever your business needs it, all the time!

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our service, we will refund you.

Happy Clients

Our success rate is measured by your satisfaction.

Cloud for Me installed a cloud server for us which has transformed the way we work. Having remote access has meant we can work far more efficiently and productively from any location.

We used to email spreadsheets between staff and try to sync documents in Dropbox, now we don’t have any of that hassle. It’s so simple to use.

I run multiple businesses and need myself and my far-flung team to have quick and easy access to a complex structure of folders and files. I don’t want all this data on my laptop, I want it in a secure, shareable, cloud-based platform.
It sounds simple but you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find a cost-effective solution until Mark Lilleyman brought me his CloudForMe virtual drive product.
The cost is very reasonable, it was quick to implement and it delivers everything I need. Definitely worth a chat with Mark to see if it works for your business.

Effortlessly enable cloud working

From professional business to micro-enterprise, we’ve got you covered!