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Virtual Drive

A very simple product: a virtual networked drive that appears on your employee’s desktops just as if it were a local drive mapped on your network.  Its simplicity is its power.

Why use a Virtual Drive?

We’ve all used the likes of Dropbox and OneDrive / Google Drive etc. And they’re typically free, or bundled with some other package. Fine as they are, they have their limitations: some file types aren’t allowed, you need software downloading and installing in order to access it, and syncing files is ALWAYS a nightmare – the bigger the team, the bigger the nightmare.

Once you’ve faced the joy of working on a file for 3 hours only to find you were working on an old version, you’ll be keen to explore simpler alternatives. And that’s what this has been designed to be.

We just map a drive to a drive in the cloud, instead of your server. Then you can treat it as any other shared drive – put whatever files you want on there, and if you’re editing a file, no-one else can access it until you’re finished. Nothing is shared locally unless you drag it onto your desktop. And when you reboot, it’s there straight away – no need to log on again. Our most popular product.

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Tailor-made for the small network, this product is simple, reliable and secure. Not to mention popular – nobody’s cancelled it yet!


Once set up, you don’t have to re-enter your password.  And when you reboot your computer, just click on the drive and it’s there.  No reconnection routine.


No extra software to install (although we advise that we remote on and do the initial setup), and easy capacity upgrades.


If you select the backup option (and we strongly recommend most people do), then backups will happen automatically on a daily basis.  One less job for you.

Virtual Drive Features

Works on Windows, Mac OS and even Linux.

UP to 30 USers

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Establish your virtual drive in 24h

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work on my iPad / Mobile Phone / Windows 7?
Sadly, no. It’s quite a new technology, so only works on PC’s running Windows 10 (so NOT Windows 7), Mac OS and Linux.

Anything else I need to look out for?
Because it’s a new technology, the downside is it’s not going to work everywhere. If you’re behind some military-grade corporate firewall, you’re not going to be able to access it without first using a VPN to get to the outside Internet, and then access it freely. We can help with that setup if it becomes a problem.

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