Remote Support

As long as you can get onto the Internet, we can help you.  Our remote support agents have the tools to log onto your PC or Mac, and sort any IT issues you may need help with.

Keep your team working

For the small and micro-businesses, we’re your IT experts.
Let us help you install and configure your software and set up your Virtual Drive and Virtual Desktop.

Quick Issue Solving

No need for you to get involved in solving system issues, just concentrate on your business.


Mac and PC Support

Let us set up your Virtual Drive or Virtual Desktop, set up Office 365 (or Gmail) and enable your virtual team.

Fast Cloud Technolgy

As long as you can connect to the Internet, we can support you with our remote support tools.

Remote Support Pricing

From professional business to enterprise, we’ve got you covered.
We’ve been configuring and installing servers since 2007.

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Desktop Support

One price for unlimited support calls.  Price is per user, not per desktop.  So if you have a laptop and a desktop, it’s no extra for the laptop.

Server Support

If you have a legacy server, we can provide support.  We can also set up cloud-based servers as you need.

Tailored support for your size of business

Our contracted customers are our highest priority. That can really count in a crisis. Don’t risk losing your data, leading to downtime in your business.


New Business?

Get set up and running in no time!

Service Transfer?

Thinking About Switching Providers?

Remote Support Advantages

In addition to contracted monthly support, we can also offer pre-paid packages

Instant Desktop Support

Our remote support tool allows us to dial in to your computer instantly and fix 90% of problems over the phone.  So you don’t waste time waiting for callouts.

Managed Service

All servers are cloud-based, so they can be administered and monitored from anywhere. Combined with our remote support tool, if there’s another lock-down, there’s no need for us to attend on-site.

Maximum Security

As you’d expect, all connections are encrypted and firewalled.  We take your security and privacy very seriously, and have been providing award-winning support protecting customers’ systems since 2007.

Pre-paid support packages

If you’d prefer to not commit to a monthly payment, but want buffering from cashflow shocks, we can offer pre-paid support packages.  Purchase 5 or 10 hours up-front, and rest assured that if an emergency occurs, you’ll have higher priority than ad-hoc customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide on-site support?
The answer is that we can if you are in London, but as a cloud-based service, we aim to provide all of our services over the Internet.

Do you provide 24×7 support?
Not at the moment, but it’s something we’re thinking of offering, depending on demand.

Do you only support Microsoft Office 365?
No, we also provide support for Google Apps, and desktop versions of Microsoft Office

What’s the minimum term contract?
Usually, we ask for 90 days. This allows us time to get a feel for the business, and check for any problems you may not have been aware of. After that, it’s 30 days’ notice either side.

Effortlessly enable cloud working

From professional business to micro-enterprise, we've got you covered!

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